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I change to FiatRitmo130TC from FiatUno75, and it is the second year and is devoted to a Fiat car increasingly.
An Italian car is disliked as the car which is easy to be broken in this place Japan.
Understanding of a family is not readily got from me either.
As a person living in Japan in a country of Opinion adjustment (wa), this is very sad.
However, I will select a car of Fiat and Lancia as the next car.
Because these cars are different from an appearance, and the reason is because it has the inside hot soul and impulse.
It is the serious matter which the joy that oneself lives for understands.
And it has conviction when there are people of jimi-car being fatty of outside going in and out of this HP with the same feeling.
OK, do not you throw it away if you have prejudice?
And do not you try to run jim-car?

My Ritmo130TC('87)