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I continue small Latin car and repeat a roll and will disappear to a hem of Mt.Fuji.

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This is Ashigara peak called a Japanese churini mountain pass.
In this mountain pass,
the middle low speed corner that is just good for an Fiat Uno class spreads out.

The car which gathered on Ashigara mountain pass viewing Japaniese beautiful mountain Fuji is Citroen AX14TRS(ito-san), Fiat Uno70SL(saikaku-san), three of them of Fiat Uno Turbo i.e(ena-san).
Three refreshing runs are good, and appearance is a shining photograph.

In Ashigara mountain pass, in the East, there can be the snow in the mysterious place where a condition turns into suddenly in the East and the west as soon as I went over a mountain pass to even Indian summer.
Perhaps will not a flora be different, too?

As for the left photograph, whom scenery opens across a mountain pass from the east in the west of Gotemba side is impressive.
Because they have forgot that they drive and shine and seem to come to fall from a cliff, all of you will be careful with it.
If foreign one came to Japan, once tries to visit it by car, and how will about it?

Uno's Match
The Italian small car which matches Japanese scenery smartly.

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