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I use it and am beautiful. Welcome To Jimi_Ita.
Blavo! Ji mi Italian Basic Cars!

Main Title 2
Jimi is a word I am modest, and to express a beautiful thing in Japanese.
This site is the page that people loving the Latin car which is such jimi gather.
You try to become a captive of the car which is such jimi, and how is it?
Surely the life should begin to glisten wealthily!

(It is an image list of Jimi-Cars.)

 .________.A rink to Jimi-Car annex
Base2:Driving Uno ! (UnoTurbo)
Base3:During waits(Dedra)
Base4:Little Bits (Y10)
Base5:A room of a Jimi Sedan (Dedra)
Base6:Blood of Latin makes noise! (155)
Base7:THE JIMI-ITA 7 (Punto)
Base8:The room which remodels Dedra(Dedra)
Base9:Go to Ritmo! (Ritmo)
Base10 :Reservation being done(^^)

 ._____.The Other Side of Cars
Toshihiro's Page/Basic FIAT Club Japan/I look for Tempra/BLUESETTE/mer/Welcome to our campsite!/min's HP/ZX De Go!/A room of a cat sensitive to the cold/Topless Blue/Pealmacina/ABARTH&HF,Freeze Tohu Cake Meeting/Everything heel&tiptoe/hm's website/KAZ-m's/M.H.Page/SITE128/Punto Super Lap!/A living with an Italian car/

Japanese Site of jimi-ita
It is a history until the end of 2001.
There are a lot of pleasant meeting and images of a car.
Please look at even a photograph by all means!

An English Page Since '02.1.27
 .________.A table of contents
:During the participant recruitment!
 ●Jimi-model Cars
 ●Links:A banner is a lot heavy.

 ●Jimi-Ita Intaructive
A bulletin board service for an English area(click!)

Tolk A Japanese BBS
Icon BBS
Basic BBS
A Meeting board
Jimi-Italian Chat
:I will do chattering!

 ._____________.Meeting scenery!

B a s i c s
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This HP is link-free, but is pleased when I can have an email for the time being.
A manager of this HP is a person of tanama.
------about me!------

Towards a Japanese(do a garbage by a browser)

このページの翻訳はすべて翻訳ソフトを使用し、それに手直ししたもので構成されています。そこで、この表現はおかしい、これはこう書くべきだ等、助言のある方はどんどん直言をお願いいたします。多分言われたまま直します(笑) 英語ぜんぜんわかりませんから!

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